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Hi-Genius Power Inc. has been dedicating its effort to promote the new energy storage system since 2010. The advent of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery makes it possible that the traditional lead acid battery caused pollution to our environment must retire and, must be replaced with the environmental friendly liFePO4 battery.
Let's work together to keep our earth clean and safe.
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Date established: Oct. 2010
Capital: USD1.67M
Factory: 19, Aly22, Lane796. MinFu Rd. Sec.1  Yangmei Dist. TaoYuan Taiwan
Tel: +886-3-4753866
Office: 10F-5, No.14, Lane609. ChongXin Rd. Sec.5 SanChong Dist. New Taipei City
Tel: +886-2-85113160
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