Unique Pack Design reliable battery you can count on
HGP LiFePO4 batteries have been tested to meet:

Over and under current charge and discharge
High altitude and low pressure simulation test
Short circuit test
Drop rom 1m high test
Vibration test 7-200Hz for 9 hours
Shock and impact @150g test
Temperature thermal cycle test

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Compact design of the battery structure make it easy for maintenance and repair.
No flexible power cables inside prevent them from entangling which may cause short circuit problem
Positive and Negative terminals are able to customize to either side depending on type of vehicle.
Patent pending
LiFePO4 battery is safe, light weight, long lasting, non-toxic and capable of high discharge
Hi-Genius Power
Hi-Genius Power
Patent design of structure
LiFePO4 battery is considered to be the safest battery so far. The table at right side shown it features:
High discharge rate
Low self dischage rate
Stable voltage supply
8 times longer service life
Light weight
Fast charging capability
HIgh thermal stability
RoHS compliance
Non-toxic of eco-friendly product
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